Kuda Tagwirei-The ‘N’Golo Kante’ of ‘Warriors’

Written By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

N’Golo Kante is a French professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Premier League Club Chelsea and the France national team. Kante, a world-class footballer, is widely considered to be the best bloke in football. Nonetheless, Kante is camera-shy. He was even too shy to have a picture taken with the World cup after France’s 2018 world cup victory. He drives a mini cooper despite getting around 150.000-a-week at Chelsea. He is one of the kindest and nicest football players. There are very few football players who are down to earth like Kante. The Chelsea man has helped the club and his country to win important trophies. He does all the donkey work and he has been a vital cog in recent Chelsea and France’s successes. Unfortunately, Kante doesn’t get due recognition despite the colossal role he plays.

Zimbabwe has been for very long time experiencing uncivilized governance which led to unprecedented economic abyss, gross violation of human rights and other injustices manufactured under the guise of patriotism and sovereignty. Nonetheless, I am not going to delve into these conundrums which the old dispensation orchestrated but these interminable challenges have made us real warriors.

The Zimbabwe national football team is the one nicknamed The Warriors but I believe the real warriors are the people of Zimbabwe who have been actively engaged in political and economic war for decades without wherewithal to survive downturns. These are real warriors. We are real warriors. What we only need as warriors to win our economic war is a Kante type of a person.

I have been strappingly following Kuda Tagwirei. I am convinced he is our own N’Golo Kante who has the ability to turn around things if we embrace him and invoke collegiality.

Kuda Tagwirei is a Zimbabwean business person with extensive interests in the energy sector. He is the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Sakunda Holdings Group. Despite his strong ties with the ruling party ZANU PF, Tagwirei has exceptionally done well especially in the energy sector. Furthermore, his involvement in Command Agriculture has seen the country recording bumper harvests. From 2011, Tagwirei used to sell 60-70% of Zim fuel. He was the largest by far in trading of fuel selling to all major Oil marketing companies. This is how he made money. I am not sanitizing Tagwirei’s government projects but I am merely looking at his positive contribution to the economy. I will look at his projects and his relationship with the government in the next edition.

Tagwirei, like Kante is camera-shy but is doing a lot in the background. He has given back to the community more than any other business people in the country.

During the time when COVID-19 was wreaking havoc in the country, Tagwirei offered free treatment for Covid-19 patients in Bulawayo and in Harare’s Parirenyatwa hospital and Arundel hospital. A lot of money was spent to save lives. Had it not been him, we would have lost quite a number of people to COVID-19.

He also offered outpatient treatment for free for up to 330 patients a day including X-Ray, CRT and MRI scan at Arundel hospital. Tagwirei furthermore donated ZWL 200 million dollars for vaccines. This shows that he is always there for the people of Zimbabwe.

When COVID-19 started, Tagwirei bought equipment worth over USD 6.3 million. The business tycoon is also empowering the youths. He gave over 500 heifers to youths and ZWL 100 million youth fund. This is something that we need to be proud of as Zimbabweans if we have someone in our midst who contributes much to the development of this nation.

Yes, corruption is rampant and a lot has been said about Tagwirei, but he has remained consistent towards local empowerment and Economic Development.

Of interest is sponsorship deal to Dynamos and Highlanders worth USD 3 million. This is a welcome development which will change the complexion of football in the country. This development also brought smiles to Dynamos and Highlanders fans. The two clubs were struggling financially but now they are able to buy new players, pay players in time and do any other business that football clubs do. This is now possible because of Kuda Tagwirei. Let’s give him credit.

What I like about the man is he doesn’t go on top of the mountain shouting about his contribution to this country. He remains simple, kindest and focused like N’Golo Kante. His role is crucial. As warriors who have suffered enough, we need him to win our battles.

His sponsorship deal has stretched to the religious sector, with many churches, clergy benefitting from his philanthropic work. Let’s be positive, and look at the other side of Tagwirei, and support the local initiatives.

This is the other side of Kudakwashe Regimond Tagwirei.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is writing in his own personal capacity, and can be contacted at [email protected]

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