NOTICE| If You Are Receiving Your SRD Grant Through Your Bank Account, Then This Message Is For You

A year prior, President Cyril Ramaphosa infused R500billion into the economy as a monetary recuperation and social help plan.

He took R130billion from commonplace designations for administrations and of this gave R50 billion to kid support, R20billion to Social Covid-19 medical care, R20billion to regions for the arrangement of crisis water, sterilization, and quarantine administrations, and the rest to the jobless as R350 pay concedes just as food packages. 

This improvement bundle helped north of 30 million individuals who are as yet profiting from it. Since the time the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350 awards were presented, many individuals from helpless families have figured out how to earn a living wage, regardless of how little this award might appear. This is the reason there are individuals who awaken at sunrise to join the line at a few posts workplaces countrywide. 


For quite a while, there have been many hiccups in regards to the much-advertised SRD awards. Numerous recipients have not been back paid what is because of them in light of the fact that, in certain months, the public authority anticipates an affirmation from the National Treasury to support their financial plan to apportion installments. 

Different recipients go to the mail center just to return with nothing. Some that accept their awards at the ATMs are as yet not yet paid. It has been accounted for that there is an excess for certain recipients who accept their cash through their ledgers. 

This implies that for quite a while, their records were dormant, which prompted a ricocheted installment. SASSA office has in this way reported that all through November, they will actually take a look at their bank proclamations to check the cash which was sent back to them by banks, and they will before long redistribute awards to impacted recipients who have not been accepting their SRD award for quite a long time. 

Pastor of Social Development Lindiwe Zulu 

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