Woman Who Has Been Living With Son’s Dead Body In Her House For 5 Years Breaks Silence

An African family from Kiambu has asked the County Government of Kiambu to let them bury their relative, who is said to have been killed and mauled by an African pack of hyenas.

They said that after they found the body of their loved one, they got a call from one of the witnesses. That’s what the family told them. There was a Pathologist who could tell whether or not it was the man’s head. However, the police would take it to him.

The family was allowed to stay with the body of the person who had passed away. The family of the man who had his head cut off five years ago has said that they still don’t know if the man’s head is their relative’s because police haven’t given them any answers.

The mother of the dead has said that she is desperate because she doesn’t want to die before burying her son. Sister of the dead person said that they were running out of time and that they were going to bury him even if the police didn’t want them to.

“This is why we want the country government of Kiambu to give us our son’s head so we can bury him. We don’t even want to beg for it. Because we have to live with him for the last five years, it’s even worse that he died.

Let them do what they want as long as we get to bury him. We don’t want to keep waiting for them to let us do what we want to do “She said:

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