How A South African Police Woman, Rosemary Ndlovu, Masterminded The Death Of Her Sister And Five Kids For Insurance

A South African woman, Rosemary Ndlovu, has shocked the nation after she was seen on camera allegedly hiring a hitman to kill her sister and five kids. What has also left everyone speechless is the fact that the accused is a police officer in Thmebisa, South Africa. The whole evil plan was hatched so that Rosemary can cash in on insurance claim as the beneficiary.

Ndlovu has been accused of a string of crimes. They include the murder of at least six of her relatives and her boyfriend, and the attempted murder of seven of her relatives, including her sister and her five children. The former cop is also facing numerous charges of fraud and defeating the ends of justice.

Leading to her arrest, Ndlovu was picked up at a hospital by Njabulo, Jabulani Petros Mtshali and an undercover cop who was introduced to Ndlovu as Sithole.

The State alleges that Ndlovu – a former police officer – has claimed over R1.4 million from insurance policies over the years paid out over the murders of six family members.

The state submitted that Njabulo approached the police and informed them Ndlovu, a police officer based at the Thembisa South police station, who had arrested him on a gun possession charge in 2011 or 2012, had been pestering him to kill her family members so she could cash in on insurance policies.

A sting operation was arranged, in which the four drove to Bushbuckridge while Ndlovu was being secretly recorded by a device planted in the car. During this drive, she told the men in detail how she wanted them to kill her sister and five children by setting their house alight.

Ndlovu has a trial of bodies behind her name. Watch the video below that led to her arrest.

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