Look At What Is Happening At TB Joshua’s Grave that left Everyone Speechless

The death of prophet TB Joshua really left a lot of people shocked his death was unexpected and it was said that he was not really sick by the time he died because he had done a service that afternoon and he looked perfectly fine .Up until today it has not been revealed what caused his death.

TB was the founder and leader of the Synagogue Church of Of All Nations. He began the ministry about 30 years ago and he grew it to what is it today where it has members from over 150 countries who fly in for services and some also came to see TB Joshua .

TB Joshua was buried inside the church where a mausoleum was built for him .What has been happening at his grave has shocked everyone .People are coming there to worship his grave as they believe they will get healing from it .It started from the day he was buried where people were falling down just by touching his corpse .see the pictures below.

Many of TB Joshua’s now believe that if they can see his grave or touch it they will get delivered from their sickness and from things that are troubling them just like the old days when TB Joshua was alive .

TB Joshua believed that only God was worthy to be worshipped and he will be disappointed to see his followers worshipping the grave of a dead man like this, even if that grave is his .His Family made a huge mistake by burying him there they should have laid him at his home where noone would have access to his grave .

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