South African celebrities who allegedly use muti. SEE LIST HERE

The use of muti in Africa was a common practice but through globalisation and popular culture, the use of muti has since been regarded as dark magic or witchcraft. Hence several celebrities tend to distance themselves from muti except for the few who are bold.

However, of interest is the fact that some seasoned celebrities have openly taken hid of their calls of sangomas and don’t care. In the mix of things here are some of the seasoned celebrities who have been rumoured to be muti users despite not being sangomas.

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo made all sorts of headlines when Jub Jub dropped a bombshell during MacG’s Podcast and Chill that Khumalo uses muti. However, a viral video of Kelly Khumalo practising what seemed to be black magic made matters worse.

In the wake of the daring drama and allegations, Khumalo hasn’t come forward to confirm or deny the accusations that she uses muti. After all, being said, she might be in commune with her ancestral traditions just like any other African girl child.

Teko Modise

Teko Modise saw himself trending after opening up about his muti use during his Orlando Pirates stint. He opened up on how football clubs would use muti, from soaking players socks into muti to football pitch rituals.

Former Orlando Pirates talisman Teko Modise (Source Instagram)
Former Orlando Pirates talisman Teko Modise (Source Instagram)

Modise revealed that sometimes they would be dragged into using muti unwillingly. However, during the podcast, the former Pirate talisman didn’t reveal if he used muti on his own.

South African celebrities who allegedly use muti

Zodwa Wabantu

She pulled a shocker when she revealed that she used muti to thrust into the limelight. To make matters worse, she got Mzansi talking when she revealed that people love her because of muti. No wonders never cease to amaze.

Zodwa Wabantu (Source Instagram)
Zodwa Wabantu (Source Instagram

After all, we know Zodwa is full of drama; she might have been making fun of the rumours that were being paddled about her road to success. Of interest, the controversial dancer surprised Mzansi when she shared a video of herself vising a traditional doctor on her Instagram feeds.

Mampintsha Shimora

In a turn of invest Babes Wodumo dropped her assault charges against Mampintsha. It came as a shocker to Wodumo’s father, who happens to be a celebrated Reverand.

Mampintsha Shimora (Source Instagram)
Mampintsha Shimora (Source Instagram

Speaking on the sidelines of an ENCA interview Reverend Mbongeni Simelane alleged that muti was used on Babes Wodumo to drop the charges and to continue cohabiting with Mampintsha despite being abused countless times.

Jub Jub, Mama Jackie Maarohanye, Ronnie Nyakale

Amanda du Pont dropped a bombshell when she revealed that Jub Jub, Mama Jackie and Ronnie Nyakale use muti. The celebrated Skeem Saam actress made the daring allegations after Jub Jub spoke something private about their two-year relationship.

Molemo 'Jub Jub' Maarohanye and MacG (Source Instagram)
Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye and MacG (Source Instagram)

In the backdrop of Jub Jub revelation, the actress claimed she was also rapped. Amanda du Pont revealed that Jub Jub indicated that muti kept them strong and together.


Sjava (Source Instagram)
Sjava (Source Instagram)

At some point, Sjava opened up about his use of muti and made it clear he was not ashamed of it as an African. He went on to stress out its his traditional belief and will never be apologetic about it at any given moment.

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