‘Bribery, graft, and corruption are ways of life in most developing countries.’

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By : Goodman Tamuona Musariri

Introduction :
|” Bribery , graft , and corruption are ways of life in most developing countries.”|

• In Egypt it’s called baksheesh (meaning) “gift of money”); in Mexico it’s called la mordida (“the bite”).If you want to park in a parking sport in Mexico City, you’d better pay the policeman, or your car will get a ticket. If you want to take a photograph of the monument to Rameses II in front of the Cairo railroad station, you’d better slip the traffic officer a few bucks, or else you may get run over.?

• Without a well-developed institutional setting and a public morality that condemns corruption , market forces function in a variety of areas that people in developed countries would consider inappropriate.

• In any country has the right to allow imports , to allow development, to determine where you park your car, to say whether you can take photographs of public buildings , to decide _who wins lawsuit,and so forth.

• In developing countries, however, those rights can be , and often are, sold .The litigant who pays the judge the most wins ?

• How about the right to import? Want to import a new machine? That will be 20 percent of the cost please?

• Such graft and Corruption quickly become institutionalized, so that all parties involved feel that they have little choice but to take part.

• Government officials say that graft and bribery are built into their pay structure, so unless they take bribes, they won’t have enough income to live on .

• Similarly , workers must bribe business in order to get a job , and labour leaders must be bribes not to cause trouble for business.?

•I’m not claiming that such payments are wrong .Societies decide what is right and wrong; economists and politicians don’t.?

• The term bribery in English has a pejorative connotation. In many other languages the terms people use for this type of activity don’t have such negative connotations.?

• But I am claiming that such payments – make it more difficult for a society’s economy to grow.

• Knowing that those payments must be made prevents many people from undertaking actions that might lead to growth.

  • For example Dangote brought by Miss Mahachi wanted to start various projects in Zimbabwe, but when he discovered the payoffs he’d have to make to various people, he abandoned the whole idea.

• [” Limiting an activity makes the right to undertake that limited activity valuable to the person doing the limiting?”|

Conclusion :
|” Limiting an activity makes the right to undertake that limited activity valuable to the person doing the limiting. When bribery is an acceptable practice , it creates strong incentives to limit an ever increasing number of activities – including many activities that could make a country grow.”|

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Cde Goodman Tamuona Musariri
Cde Jiribada
Prophet Bokolings🇿🇼👏🏿🥰

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