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Kelly Khumalo Says She Is In Fear For Her Life, Hires Close Protection Security 

Kelly Khumalo Says She Is In Fear For Her Life, Hires Close Protection Security

Musician Kelly Khumalo has revealed that she was forced to hire close protection security officers last month because she is leaving in fear for her life.

The reality television star said she decided to beef up her security after getting death threats.

Kelly revealed this on the latest episode of her Showmax reality show “Life With Kelly Khumalo”on Tuesday, 26 July.

Explaining her decision to hire the close protection officers, Kelly Khumalo said,

“How Thingo’s father was murdered is still a mystery to me. I’ve received a couple of death threats. I mean my last gig in KZN, I received a threat two days before that they were going to kill me.

“So, security for me is literally everything. Hence I have my CPO: Close Private Officer. CPOs are officers of the law. Just private ones. So, they can arrest you if they have t0.”

Last month, Kelly made a buzz on social media when she shared a video in which she showed off her beefed-up security.

Kelly and her sister Zandie Khumalo Gumedehave been making headlines following a series of sensational interviews with eNCA.

During the interview, Kelly Khumalo accused the South African justice system of failing to protect her from the numerous death threats she is receiving.

“We have a problem in our country, and this is not just about Kelly Khumalo, the musician. This is about an individual in the pits and darkest place of wherever it is, where they lose loved ones and justice is not served.

“I once said something about this [lack of justice] on my Instagram page. To my surprise, I had a lot of people saying they support and agree with what I am saying because they are some of the South African citizens who have been robbed of justice in this country because for some reason the law is not playing the part it is supposed to play. That is what every South African is going through,” said Khumalo.

“I think the lowest point for me is being let down by the law. As a South African citizen, I trust and believe in the law to protect not just me but my family and our society. But with what has happened to me, I have had my life threatened and family threatened, not once but multiple times. And I feel like the law is not coming into place to protect and make me feel like that it is within my right to have protection for myself and family,” said Khumalo.”

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