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Look What Happened Yesterday In Lenasia JHB Yesterday? It Will Leave You In Shock. See Pictures

Roby Beezy at Traffic SA tweeted that there was a cash heist on the N12 Highway at Atlas Road and that drivers can expect delays as a result.

On Saturday morning, there were reports of traffic delays in the vicinity of Atlas Road in Boksburg on the N12 to the east of Johannesburg due to what appears to have been a cash-in-transit theft. Because it appears that so many people in South Africa are encouraging criminal activity, it is clear that the problem will never be solved in that country. Because of this, you can find even people who you would never suspect would be involved in criminal activity doing so because they are aware of the fact that they stand to benefit from it.

The event reportedly took place before to 9 o’clock in the morning. Residents of the area have reported hearing gunfire. The situation as a whole needs to be resolved since it is impossible for us to always keep an eye on thieves when they are operating freely in the countryside.

EWN reported that a witness stated, as quoted by the network, “Once I saw traffic slowing down, I slowed down.” As soon as the car began to turn around, I made my way to the front of the vehicle. At that point, I noticed that someone was shooting at the G4S van. People ducked out of there with their heads bowed at that particular point in time.”

EWN said that there were officials present at the location conducting an investigation following the incident. People believe that foreigners are more likely to engage in activities of this nature in South Africa because they are aware that in this country they can do whatever they want without fear of repercussions.

It was impossible to get in touch with the police very away so they could verify the incident. This is quite upsetting because it gives the impression that they do not value the assistance that has been provided to them ever since they arrived in South Africa.

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