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Senzo Meyiwa took a bullet whilst negotiating for Kelly Khumalo’s lobola 

Senzo Meyiwa took a bullet whilst negotiating for Kelly Khumalo’s lobola

Zandie Khumalo dropped several bombshells in her sit-and-tell interview with eNCA, and her side of the story has left a lot to be desired.

Senzo was shot at point blank in 2014 whilst the company of his then-girlfriend Kelly Khumalo. However, in the mix of things, justice is yet to be served, and the case has had its twist and turns that have since turned it into a typical reality show. In the wake of all these, Zandie and the Khumalo have been put to blast and topped the trends more often.

Songstress Zandie Khumalo - Source: Instagram
Songstress Zandie Khumalo – Source: Instagram

The bubbly songstress revealed that Senzo died in her arms while trying to get him to the hospital. However, she revealed this while rubbishing, Advocate Teffo claims that Senzo was taken to the hospital after he had died. Zandie Khumalo said:

“I was the one sitting with Senzo at the back of the car, putting pressure on the wound leading to the hospital. Even on our way to the hospital, I could feel him getting cold from his feet. I was busy talking to him all the way, trying to keep him alive .” she said.

In the mix of things, she also let the cat out of the bag that Senzo was negotiating and planning his lobola when he was shot dead at point blank. Zandie has it that they were at their mother’s place to discuss Kelly’s upcoming lobola.

Senzo Meyiwa took a bullet whilst negotiating for Kelly Khumalo’s lobola

Confirmed reports have it that Senzo was keen to take Kelly as his second wife despite being married to Mandisa Mkhize. According to Zandie, Mthoko was Senzo’s representative in the lobola negotiations.

We know Mthoko, we had seen him every now and then. But Tumelo we had met for the first time that day because he was there to discuss the upcoming lobola negotiations for Kelly and would be one of Senzo’s representatives in the discussions,” she said

Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa - Source: Instagram

She went on to take a swipe at Senzo Meyiwa’s wife, who she insisted should be investigated. The bubbly songstress also implicated Senzo’s mother in the equation.

“We have done the lie detector test and everything but no one has looked at Mandisa. Why is she not being investigated?” she asked.

“Not so long ago Senzo’s mother said on TV that she tried by all means to end their relationship. She even went as far as getting muthi,” she continued.

She said she suspects that Mandisa and Senzo’s mom hired a hit to target Kelly. “Is it even possible that she and her daughter-in-law sent a hit? Not necessarily to target Senzo, but to target Kelly,” she added.

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