Cyprus Based Zim Student Launches Dating App

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Cyprus 🇨🇾: Zimbabwean born, Batsirai Kadziya from the suburbs of Chinhoyi, waves the national flag high in the digital developers’ world, as he recently developed the uprising in trends application called StyllzDating which seems to be a success as it is getting positive response and reviews.

Kadziya concluded his advanced level studies in 2016 at Msengezi Secondary, a school that is in the rural parts of the Chegutu. He went abroad to pursue tertiary education in Cyprus, studying at Near East University where he was tackling Computer Information Systems.

Kadziya says he grew up fond of technology, being very inquisitive about fascinating innovations that were developed on a regular basis which would always leave him curious as to how such brilliant games, applications and online platforms were made. This inspired him a lot as it kept on increasing his keen interest in this technological world, let alone pushing him to choose the Computer Information Systems program.

In 2017 Batsirai had already started developing apps and websites, and to date he has over 100 apps and websites he has developed, but only a few of them have been published

“I love coding hence developing apps and websites has become my hobby”. He said. 

The trendy app ‘StyllzDating’ is said

to belong to Mr. Styllz, in its entirety, and Kadziya was the developer of the application. 

The mobile app was explained to be a dating site with a purpose of assisting the user to scout a perfect match for a relationship. It targets single men, women, divorcees, widows and widowers who are considering to marry or remarry.

Amazingly, the app is not blind nor ignorant on safeguarding issues as it restricts usage by minors and only allow for 18 year olds and beyond to be eligible to sign up and create a profile account.

Among the successfully few published apps is the mighty ‘EasyCY’ standing for EasyCyprus, which was designed to lighten up things for immigrant students, by providing a guide as to where to find the basics; food, water, gas and emergency contacts for respective authorities in Cyprus. It is also inclusive of features like news, student updates, accommodation, etcetera.

Kadziya has managed to setup a software company going by the name of Global Brilliant Software Solutions a.k.a Global BSS ( 

The company offers software related services not limited to developing applications, websites and programs to anyone around the world, as they offer remote support services. 

He has managed to recruit 3 students that are now his colleagues, thereby endorsing employment creation, and he says he is looking forward to employing more in his future projects, especially those based in his motherland. Kadziya has promised to launch, in a few weeks’ time, another project he is currently working on which he said will uplift and cause a boom in Zimbabwe’s e-commerce. 

He elucidated his passion and willingness to come up come with innovative ideas for his home country and help to thrust it up on map and better up fellow citizens lives.

 “I would say the app is a customized modern Tete (aunt) for Zimbabweans in search for a spouse”. Says Kadziya.

Tentatively, the app is said to be exclusively for Zimbabweans. It is reported that the app is helping out people at an incredible rate, as loads are reverting with their feedback confirming that they have found love in their app-found partners. It sets out to give the broken hearted a glimpse of hope.

By: Ashley Rukudzo Kavumbura

Source: Varsity Magazine

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