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Woman kept hubby’s dead body at home, and ‘possessed’ son in ceiling

In a bizarre tale of mystery and family secrets, a man who vanished from the eyes of his neighbors over a decade ago was discovered dead in his Zengeza home in Harare, Zimbabwe. Shockingly, his wife, known only as Mahlahla, chose to keep this chilling secret from the authorities for a staggering five days.

The chilling discovery was made on a grim Monday when the police unearthed the decomposed remains of the man, whose identity remains shrouded in mystery.

Picture this: a neighborhood gripped by both horror and astonishment as the ghastly scene unfolded before their very eyes. It’s the kind of story you’d expect in a thriller movie, but this, dear readers, is all too real.

Now, let’s meet the enigmatic Mahlahla. When the investigators descended upon the eerie house, they heard some mysterious movements emanating from the ceiling. With bated breath, they ascended to unravel this spine-tingling riddle. Lo and behold, they stumbled upon an emaciated 39-year-old man, who, for the sake of simplicity, we shall refer to as Grant – the son of this enigmatic couple.

The plot thickens! Mahlahla, in a candid conversation with reporters, unraveled the twisted threads of her family’s life. She claimed that her family had been plagued by evil spirits, trapped in a clandestine battle.

Picture this: it all began in 1992 when Mahlahla tied the knot with her husband. Unfortunately, their wedded bliss was short-lived, as her husband suffered a debilitating stroke soon after their union. This cruel twist of fate condemned him to a life confined to a wheelchair.

But here’s where it gets truly bizarre. In her quest to rid her family of these malevolent forces, Mahlahla turned to the church. She became a devout churchgoer, seeking prophecies and divine intervention. Yet, her husband remained obstinate, refusing to join her in this spiritual quest.

Now, let’s talk about Grant, the son plucked from the shadows of the ceiling. Mahlahla labeled him as a “possessed man.” According to her, the church had informed her that her son was inhabited by evil spirits, and they were wreaking havoc within their home. Allegedly, Grant had turned into a one-man demolition crew, systematically destroying their household items – the geyser, the radio, and even the TV.

Imagine the chaos that must have ensued in that haunted household. A geyser kaput, a silent radio, and a TV reduced to nothing but an electronic carcass. It’s almost as if the poltergeists of horror movies had taken up residence.

As for the neighbors, they shared chilling tales of their own. The last time they laid eyes on Mahlahla’s husband being wheeled around was half a decade ago, and Grant had become a ghostly presence, unseen for over 14 years. All that remained was Mahlahla herself, a regular visitor to the church, often adorned in her church uniform, toting her bag of secrets.

The question that lingers in the air like a dense fog is: What finally compelled Mahlahla to spill the beans to the police? Was it the realization that she could no longer keep this macabre secret locked away in the depths of her conscience?

As the chilling truth unraveled, Grant, now resembling a wild hermit with his overgrown hair, beard, and fingernails, was handcuffed. He sat beside his mother, Mahlahla, in the back of a police truck, while their neighbors looked on, aghast and intrigued in equal measure.

And here’s the final twist in this twisted tale: Mahlahla allegedly has five children, with four of them living abroad. One can only imagine the conversations happening across international borders as this sinister story unfolds.

So, dear readers, in the eerie house of Zengeza, a family’s darkest secrets were finally unearthed. A husband’s death concealed for over a decade, a son hidden in the shadows, and a wife’s desperate battle against malevolent forces. It’s a chilling story that reminds us that reality can often be stranger than fiction.

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