Digging Deeper -XP Horns servant By Kingsley Mutengo

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CITIZENS serve the country in different ways. Every nation has public officers who are on public duty. Councillors, Members of Parliament (MPs), Ministers and the whole entire civil service are on national duty. Sportsperson also serve the nation as they fly the nation’s flag high. Big names have emerged on the scene from Tatenda Taibu, Kirsty Coventry, Khama Billiat, Tendai Mtawarira to mention but a few.

The amazing story behind sport lies in painful story of the development of the sportsman. No one has ever woke up and became David Beckham overnight. There is always this story of hardwork and sweat combined with so many disappointments along the way.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. For one Brighton Zimhondi his story his rugby journey began unexpectedly and he was not even sure rugby was a sport for him.

Brighton Zimhondi last year graduated at Great Zimbabwe University with a B.A in Human Resources Management who has served the his team at GZU with great honour with many accolades to his name.

The new graduate started his career at Craneborne Boys High School in Harare where first played for the U16 team.Although he had an touch time in his first attempt in Form one of not going back to rugby session after his first attempt he never saw himself get back into the field again.

Zimondi one of the things that made him consider going back to rugby while he was doing his ‘O’ Level he was the hype that induced by Cottco.

Cottco Schools Rugby Festival which is now sponsored by Dairiboard is one of the most exciting event in the sports school calendar. Every teenager dreams of playing or being present at the Dairiboard rugby games.

Scoring three tries made Brighton realise that he was gifted in the sport and this gave him courage of working even more to improve his skill.Moreso, there is a friend who encourged to play the sport and kept pushing him to practice more. Luckily, the kick created a beast.

In 2012,Brighton moved to Prince Edward and played for the tigers although he got benched most of the time, he displayed great talent that made him captain at UMAA Marondera. His move to UMAA a private school located in the Marondera town 72kilometres east of Harare did not stop him from working towards his new passion.

“There was no rugby at UMAA and we had to negotiate with the institution to set up a team.We were the pioneers,about five of us and i was captain.” UMAA Marondera team played against bigger teams such as Marondera High and Bernard Mzeki.

Any outstanding human being in this world deserves an accolade. For Brighton Zimhondi his first certificate was that of being UMAA Marondera rugby player of the year. He later became a silver medalist at 2016 ZUSA games as well as the ZITISU games the same year.

A great wise the name of Nelson Mandela once said that inwhatever you do never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never stop trying and never stop learning. Young Brighton wanted to quit at the first attempt but he the belived in himself, started dreaming of Cottco, tried and scored the thries in his first and and continued to learn throughout his journey.

Steve Hensey, former All Blacks Head Coach is one of the coaches Brighton considers the best and loves his play and how he built the New Zealand rugby team.Worldwide New Zealand is known for its Haka not because of its scary nature but the nature but the results that come after it.

“Zimbabwean Rugby has a long way interms of developing the sport and there been signs showing that the sport is growing with the introduction of tap rugby,” some of the words from Brighton on the potentiality of Zimbawe winning the 2024 Rugby World Cup. The XP Horns players continues to survive in the storm full of bulls and sharks ,horns and bulldogs. In a game in which only beasts can survive.

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