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“You will be his meat one day” Fan tells Amanda duPont after sharing cosy pictures with her pit-bull

Amanda du-Pont Faces Backlash Over Cosy Pictures with Pit Bull: Fans Express Concerns

In a recent social media post, South African media personality and actress Amanda du-Pont faced criticism from fans after sharing affectionate pictures with her pit bull, Fendi. The controversy surrounding pit bulls, known for their perceived aggression, has led to discussions on social media about the safety of keeping such dogs as pets.

A significant number of South Africans have expressed concern about the potential danger posed by pit bulls, with videos circulating on the internet showing instances of pit bull attacks on humans and property. This concern has led to calls for the banning of pit bulls in the country, while some even advocate for euthanasia as a solution.

In response to the public outcry, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) proposed an alternative approach, suggesting that instead of being euthanized, pit bulls should be handed over to them for proper care and management.

Despite the ongoing debate and concerns raised by the public, Amanda du-Pont has consistently shown her love for dogs, particularly pit bulls. However, her recent Instagram post showcasing the bond with her pit bull, Fendi, has divided her fan base.

While some of her followers expressed admiration and love for the pictures, a majority voiced their discontent with Amanda’s decision to keep a pit bull, citing the perceived risks associated with the breed. One fan even went as far as expressing concern for Amanda’s safety, stating, “You will be his meat one day.”

The comments on Amanda’s post highlight the ongoing tension surrounding pit bulls and the differing opinions on whether they can be safely kept as pets. The controversy raises broader questions about responsible pet ownership and the measures needed to ensure the safety of both owners and the community.

As the discussion unfolds on social media, it remains to be seen how Amanda du-Pont will respond to the concerns raised by her fans and whether the broader conversation about pit bulls in South Africa will lead to any policy changes regarding the ownership of these dogs.

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