Get rich quick? Beware of E-Creator & the likes

Money schemes or scammers are becoming a menace to society.

Young people in Zimbabwe have been urged not to participate in a Ponzi scheme called E-creator that poses as an online marketing company. The program, which encourages people to contribute between USD 15 and USD 100 for packages that provide them the chance to assess things, has offices in Joina City.

There is no doubt that with the increase in the unemployment rate, people are going to look for other means to survive, most of which are illegal. Let’s talk about the rate at which people are unemployed in Africa.

South Africa has the highest unemployment rate so far, which is sitting at 29.5%, followed by Djibuti and Wesathini with 27.95 and 24.66, respectively. Other countries like Zimbabwe, Congo, Gabon, and Botswana are also experiencing a disturbing unemployment rate, but you will notice that the shortage of jobs, which is a main source of income for most people, means that they have no disposable income, which leads to people trying other means of earning a living.

Get rich quick? Beware of E-Creator & the likes

Others will resort to robbery, pickpocketing, and other types of theft, like scamming. Scamming involves stealing money from a person through deception. The deceived will give the deceiver money, hoping to get more in return. Some promise money; others promise jobs or even relationships. You are told to pay a certain amount of money, and they will hook you up with your soulmate.

Get rich quick? Beware of E-Creator & the likes

You meet a person in town and they tell you that we have a business that we are starting and we are looking for workers because you are also looking for a job. Because you are also looking for a job, it is easier to talk to you, and the money that you are promised is big compared to the one you are used to. That means you are bound to listen to the smaller, and that is how you are robbed.

Obviously, others are scammed, sometimes physically, but it can all be blamed on a shortage of jobs. Some people are just lazy and look for easy ways to earn money, and they resort to stealing.

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