HIT Student, Edelyn Manyanga DUNKS Big in a Male Dominated Arena

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Kingsley Mutengo (KM) iAfrica24’s correspondent in Zimbabwe had the pleasure of interviewing a sensational basketball player, Edelyn Manyanga (EM) from HIT. Basketball is a sport mainly dominated by men. Over the years we have seen emergence of basketball giant such as Michael Jordan, the late Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.

KM: Who is Edelyn Manyanga? 

EM: I am Edelyn Manyanga. A part 2.2 Biotechnology Engineering student at  Harare institute of Technology. I’m a 21 year old athlete who is in love with basketball mainly and track events ( mostly sprints).

KM: When did you start playing basketball and how has been your journey?

EM: I started playing basketball  in 2010 and by that time I was grade 7 . With basketball it’s always an interesting  journey- considering I’ve gotten opportunities represent quite a number of teams, travel across the country and meeting new people.

KM: Which was your best tour in your travels?

KM: Who has been your greatest support?

KM: Any favourite players?

KM: Basketball is a game is considered to be part of the pop & hip hop culture.What do you have to say about it?Is it about swag or slaying?

KM: Which team have you have represented and can you highlight your best moments in High School playing basketball.Do you have any accolades?

EM: The NASH under 17 basketball games in 2015 held in Victoria Falls at Mos oa tunya.

KM: How is it playing in the league?The pressure and school work at the same time

EM: My best moments in high school playing basketball, this is the best trip down the memory lane- l enjoyed the basketball camps for the provincial team (mash west). The best basketball players were selected from schools in the province and were invited to attend the training camp. the entire idea of meeting new people, learning more skills, becoming a better player and resting from studying was just  quite interesting. The annual MESA basketball  tournaments almost make in the list of best moments, Methodist schools in Zimbabwe would compete for the trophy and having a gold or silver medal presented to me each year made a proud basketball player. Winning medals as a province also made my high schools days amazing. The list of high school best basketball moments never ends.

EM: Playing in the league is a life changing experience as l get to watch some of our star players in Zim showcase their talents on the court. this also comes as a motivation to junior players like me because a lot of skill is learnt from them . l also have gotten the opportunity to train with them and even have them as our coach on some days. In short playing in the league gets me more exposed most of the basketball players i look up to. in the league there is a firm competition thus more training is needed and as a result, each practice session makes me a better player.  It is quite a challenge as both disciplines need 100% focus and participation. l love what l do thus making both school and basketball my hobbies- and there is time for everything. l have just become strick with myself and never let basketball get in the way of my school time or vice versa. Discipline guides me through.

EM: Basketball is all about passion and YES nba is part of the hip hop culture as we share the same style and approach . I would say basketball goes in hand with swagger and this is something hip hop and basketball share. Swagger has made a difference in the way the players approach the game- what does swag mean after all? swagger means the best and that one can not settle or second best. Swagger has erased selfishness as a common trait in the NBA.

EM: My parents and coaches (coach Cedric- superman and coach 

EM: I  love Arike Ogunbowale , she plays for Notre Dame college in NCAA and also for a club called Dallas Wings in WNBA. We play on the same position- she is a point guard and she has shot two buzz-beating 3 pointers which won her team championships. She also made the WNBA’s rookie of 2019. To me she comes as a reminder that women can roll and shoot as much as men in the game.

KM: This week we managed to have another lady from HIT and also a member of Lady Lynx Basketball Club Edelyn Manyanga and this is what she had to say.

KM: Thank you very much for your time.

EM: Anytime

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