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A little while ago when Idols South Africa, the local rendition of the American reality singing competition, unveiled its 18th season’s judging panel, comprising Thembi Seete, JR, and Somizi Mhlongo. This decision stirred controversy among loyal viewers accustomed to the previous trio of Somizi, Unathi, and Randall.

However, the new judges gracefully embraced their roles, impressing Mzansi amid high expectations. Thembi Seete, who replaced Unathi, even shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse on Instagram, expressing her gratitude for the opportunity.

Some speculated that Unathi’s social media presence around Thembi signaled envy or a desire to regain her spot on the show. Unathi’s fans rallied behind her, hoping for her return, while others welcomed the camaraderie among women judges.

Unathi’s departure in January 2022, along with Randall Abrahams, opened the door for the return of popular judge Somizi Mhlongo. Thembi Seete and JR joined the panel, with Thembi having impressed as a guest judge in the previous season.

Thembi Seete shared her excitement and anxiety about the new role, recognizing the show’s long-standing success and the high expectations placed upon her.

After the announcement, Thembi revealed her joy in being selected and her anticipation of working with JR and Somizi. She shared her admiration for JR’s music and her close connection with Somizi, highlighting their shared history and collaborations.

Thembi Seete confessed that she doesn’t have a fixed game plan as a judge, emphasizing the importance of reacting to the contestants and circumstances as they unfold.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Series Faces Challenges: Screen Burn-In and More

The launch of Apple’s iPhone 15 series has undoubtedly created a buzz among tech enthusiasts and Apple loyalists. However, recent reports have raised concerns about overheating issues, unexpected shutdowns, and now, screen burn-in problems experienced by some users of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Overheating and Unexpected Shutdowns

Firstly, the iPhone 15 series drew attention for overheating problems, which raised questions about the device’s thermal management. Users reported that their devices were getting unusually hot during prolonged usage, particularly when running resource-intensive applications or multitasking.

The overheating issue not only affects user experience but also has implications for the device’s long-term durability and safety.

Moreover, there were reports of iPhones unexpectedly shutting down. This was attributed to a bug believed to be stemming from the iOS 17 update, which could result in a frustrating experience for users who depend on their devices for various tasks.

Screen Burn-In Issues

Adding to the list of concerns, a recent report highlighted screen burn-in problems with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Screen burn-in, or image retention, occurs when certain elements on the screen persistently display even when they should not be, leading to ghost images that can affect the overall display quality.

Prominent tech enthusiast and tipster, Tarun Vats, known as @tarunvats33 on Twitter, shared images illustrating the screen burn issues with the iPhone Pro Max. He noted, “Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max is reportedly experiencing screen burn-in issues, contributing to the company’s increasing list of challenges this year.”

No Official Response from Apple

It’s important to note that Apple has not issued an official statement addressing the reported screen burn-in problems in the iPhone 15 Pro series. As of now, users facing these issues are left with concerns and uncertainties about the resolution.

Addressing Screen Burn-In Problems

A report by PiunikaWeb discussed potential solutions for users facing screen burn-in issues. One common method to prevent or mitigate screen burn-in is to use a screen saver. This practice can help refresh the pixels on the screen and prevent them from displaying the same text or images consistently for extended periods.

Alternatively, the report suggests the following steps to avoid screen burn-in:

  1. Navigate to the Apple menu.
  2. Choose System Preferences.
  3. Click on Desktop and Screensaver.
  4. Access the Screen Saver tab.
  5. Select your preferred screen saver.
  6. Adjust the “Start after” menu to choose a time interval that is shorter than what you’ve configured for display sleep and computer sleep in the Energy Saver settings found in System Preferences.

By following these steps, users can minimize the risk of screen burn-in by ensuring that the screen saver runs for a duration similar to the initial time the image was displayed, effectively preventing ghost images from persisting.

In conclusion, the iPhone 15 series has garnered attention for both its positive features and some notable challenges, including overheating, unexpected shutdowns, and screen burn-in problems. While users await an official response from Apple, these issues serve as a reminder of the importance of thorough testing and quality control in the development of cutting-edge technology.

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