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Douglas Mwonzora can not wait any longer. He wants power now not tomorrow even if it means some people will die. The campaign is now a gear up and already using his proxies to threaten that if the party leadership asks for the extension of the extraordinary Congress dates, he will drag them to court. To him now the courts are the answer. If he wants anything he goes to the courts. Are we seeing a true Muzorewa here? The struggle is now being sold. How do you hold a 2 or 3 day Congress during this covid period?

Power is sweet, so why do they blame Adv. Nelson Chamisa when they are worse? People can not be risked because someone wants to be the President. This guy is worse than Mugabe. I thought him and other candidates would rather be happy if they are given at least two months to prepare and do campaigns and fundraise given that the judgement was released in the peak of the Lockdown. His confidence to go in an election that he did not campaign let alone have no funds for given that they are just regrouping is a bit worrisome. Are we seeing a Nikuv type of rigging being planned here? Even the funds might be coming from ZANU as people always say.

With reports that he already has Vanguards at the MRT house that beats anyone perceived to be the supporter from his main challenger. His main challenger in this race is Madame Khupe. Komichi is a better candidate than Mwonzora but for now he will not do much following the support he gave to Adv. Nelson Chamisa in the last power fight campaign.. Mudzuri is too soft for a President. It seems people from Masvingo are just forcing him to stand for election. We are likely to see that ugly head of violence turning again at this extra ordinary Congress as DM is so obsessed for this presidency. Don’t say no one warned you. Douglas Mwonzora is up to something.

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