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A Funeral Without A Casket But Sitting On A Chair Has Caused A Stir Worldwide. 

A Funeral Without A Casket But Sitting On A Chair Has Caused A Stir Worldwide. Expect the unexpected in this world because things that are happening will leave you confused. Facebook has been caught by surprise a funeral was posted on internet and people were so puzzled as what is going on. Each an everyday we have to expect an incident that is totally different and never been seen before. Seemingly people really want to draw attention in different ways or rare practices.

A Funeral Without A Casket But Sitting On A Chair Has Caused A Stir Worldwide

This man on the above picture is a deceased body on his funeral. He was placed on a chair instead of utilizing a casket as it is a popular commodity that is used. He was dressed very smart and neat, white pants, pink blazer as well as eye glasses. Not forgetting white formal shoes and the casual tie. This one of rare and definitely it will be unforgettable one in history.

It happens that other funerals are being done precisely from the instructions made by the deceased while he or she was still alive. In Africa cultures, whatever request that the deceased made while he was still alive, it is done as per his or her request. That is a symbol of respect and honoring the deceased. It is believed that if his request is not fully honoured, more bad luck will visit the person that failed to implement the deceased’s request.

However one may argue to the point that this against the African values, morals and customs. This may surely contradicts with particular beliefs of particular tribes and it may therefore confuse the family as to what to respect, the request of a deceased or the African customs. Usually the body of a deceased is usually not showing the people but it has to be stored in a decent place using a Casket.

This kind of practice differs with people’s preferences but it is very important to consult elders to ensure that we don’t lose the way on driving our african customs.

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