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Condolences pour in to Thembi Seete

Condolences pour in to Thembi Seete

“I am crying again,” In pictures and videos Gomora actress Thembi Seete’s mother passed away a year ago on this date, having celebrated her 67th birthday in the same month. Since childhood, Thembi’s mother had been the actress’s pillar of support. She attributed her own achievement to her cherished mother. Without Thembi’s mother, we likely would not be aware of Thembi’s cultivated skills.

Condolences pour in to Thembi Seete

It has been precisely one year since Thembi’s mother passed away, making it a particularly sad day. Time constraints prevented Thembi’s mother from observing her performance with Somizi on Idols South Africa. As she thought about her mother, the new judge of Idols SA composed a heartfelt, tear-inducing letter to her mother. She can only pray that her mother is safe and sound, wherever she may be, with every fiber of her being.

A year has already passed since Thembi’s mother passed away, and time is passing so rapidly. It feels like yesterday to her, which is why she recalled her so deeply. Thembi treasures the time she had with her mother, despite the fact that her mother’s passing was the greatest source of sorrow. She expressed gratitude for the prayers, instruction, and affection she got from her mother. In detail Thembi said:

Today marks exactly a year since my mum‘s passing. Time goes by quickly. It still feels like it happened yesterday.

Even though my most profound sadness of losing her, I’m grateful that I got to spend time with my mother. We stayed together from the beginning until the last day. I’m thankful for the prayers, the teachings, and the love.

All That I am today, she prayed for me and believed in me, guys. I shared everything with her

my most profound thoughts, my fears, my achievements, and my dreams

Here I am crying again and wearing her maroon gown And feeling her warm hug.

Mom, I hope you’re okay and getting everything you need. Know that I love you, and We 

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