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‘How do you fail Life Orientation?’ Lasizwe Dambuza trolled after Grade 11 report card leaks 

‘How do you fail Life Orientation?’ Lasizwe Dambuza trolled after Grade 11 report card leaks

Social Media personality Lasizwe Dambuza is famously known for his funny video online and comedic personality. The entertainer has not hidden how bad he was at school or that he did not go beyond High School. However, Twitterusers were shocked to realize how bad he was at school when his report card from Grade 11 was leaked yesterday.

Lasizwe‘s report card from Grade 11

A Twitter user named Kara Beast shared a report card belonging to Lasizwe from 2015. Lasizwe was still in Grade 11 at Mondeor High School, where he pursued his education. The report card showed Lasizwe getting a 16% mark in Life Orientation, a subject many South Africans find easy. The other subject he failed dismally on the card is Geography which is also relatively easy for many High scholars.

Lasizwe's leaked report card
Lasizwe’s leaked report card-Image Source(Twitter/KaraBeast)

In Kara beast’s comment section, many people questioned how Lasizwe could fail Life Orientation. Others applauded Lasizwe for exposing his results first before people did. Usually, when one gets famous, people will troll them for the silliest of reasons. Lasizwe retweeted the Tweet and asked why the user was acting like Grade 11 was easy. He later deleted the Tweet, but people have already taken screenshots.

Other celebrities with a high school education only

Lasizwe responds to his leaked report card
Lasizwe responds to his leaked report card-Source(Twitter/Lasizwe)

It’s not surprising for a famous and rich person to be a High School or college dropout. Lasizwe joins the long list of celebrities with only a High School education like Cassper NyovestBonang Matheba and Boity Thulo, but to mention a few. The entertainer is a good sport about all the trolling and even laughs at himself for it as he goes about his business and current life.

Lasizwe Dambuzo scandal for the week

This week alone. he has been in many headlines, primarily because of his friendship with Mohale. The two shared pictures of themselves holding hands and were even caught kissing during a live video. Many people said their fake relationship was staged to chase clout, and in separate statements, they said they were just friends who had an intimate moment of weakness.

This made them suffer a massive backlash as people said they would do anything to trend. Some are even questioning if this report card is not another stunt to get people to forget his Mohale drama. However, it’s safe to say that Lasizwe will make fun of others and himself.

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