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Mzansi shocked as 62yr old woman gets married to 9yr old man

Mzansi Is Left of gut after seeing a picture of a 62 years old woman who recently got married to a 9nyears old child. Could not help but to wonder if if is this true or is another lies that the people are trying to exposed.

Apparently there is some pictures of a woman who is said to be 62 years old and a young boy that is currently circulating in leaving many people with mixed reactions. Mzansi could not help but to hate what the woman had to put this young boy through. People have been sending the messages reactions at this woman.

We wonder if she did not find her type that she had to go through to this boy. Many people have been saying that thus is an abuse that the woman is putting this woman. People have been asking about family of this boy and what is their take about their child to marry old woman. The family could have been brought by this lady, they could be from a poor background. This could be the other reason why they have no say and allow the boy.

Their pictures of a wedding is currently making some rounds in social media. It appears that people are repulsive about this pictures and they not saying anything good about this couple. This is a real abuse that bothers family and this woman are showing this to this young boy. This boy does not know anything and it’s shocking and difficult to see..what is this woman is showing tho the guy is very scary. Who is that family that can afford to see their kids become victims of this woman again. Some people think that the reason why this woman choose to marry young child is because she has been hurt and not once maybe third time.

What is your thoughts about this woman marrying young boy.

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