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Pearl Thusi publicly gives Boity a cold shoulder

What is this thing with our favourite celebrities, acting as if they are they are all friends and all when posing for pictures but now they start acting otherwise when one of them start showing each other love on social media. What is even more confusing is the fact that this is mostly done by female celebs to other female celebs.

The victim this time is Boity Thulo, yes you could not have guessed it. Our favourite Pearl Thusi just did the most unexpected. Pearl Thusi posted a very beautiful picture of herself and ofcourse, if you know Pearl Thusi or if you follow her you should know her she will serve you qualify comment. She Posted a very beautiful picture of herself and ofcourse her fans commented showing her love and all, and of course Boity also commented and guess what, Pearl.Thusi ignored Boity like she doesn’t her she didn’t even say thank you to the sweet comment nor even comment with an emoji or something, the cold shoulder was very unnecessary though

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