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Remember The Man Who Looks Like Ramaphosa? See What He Was Spotted Doing Again 

Remember The Man Who Looks Like Ramaphosa? See What He Was Spotted Doing Again

They say that when God created a human being, he was creating something in his own image. If this is true, then it follows that we are all supposed to resemble God because he created us in his own image. Now we can understand why people seem to have similar appearances. Everyone has at least one acquaintance who bears a striking resemblance to them and of whom they have been questioned over their familial status. A video of a man who appeared to be Nelson Mandela went viral a few days ago and has continued to gain traction ever since. Despite the fact that this wasn’t true, a great number of people were under the impression that the man was Mandela’s relative. 

After that, a few days ago, photographs began circulating online of a man who resembles Ramaphosa and was trending. This gentleman was observed sitting by himself in the pub while sipping beer by himself. Since then, a lot of people have been curious about where that individual is because he isn’t making as much of a splash on social media as he used to. Some people were under the impression that despite the fact that the man does not have Ramaphosa’s appearance, he is in fact Ramaphosa. 

After that, a user on tick tick captured a video of the man who looks like Ramaphosa again, which caused many to break out into fits of laughter. He was stranded on the shoulder of the road with his Volkswagen Beetle. He could be heard on the camera asking where the money was concealed, and it appeared to be under the pillow. Even after that, he continued by asking him why he was driving a polo. This man is the subject of many jokes and laughter, and people frequently refer to him as the president, but he never responds. He merely smiles and keeps quiet. 

This individual has been given the nickname “Ramaphosa lite,” while some believe that he is actually a long-lost twin of Ramaphosa. On the other hand, one person who knows him quite well claims that he does not have any sort of connection with the president. This is a great illustration of how people all throughout the world have extremely similar physical characteristics. According to what is stated in the Bible, God made us in his image, which means that we all have a similar appearance; nonetheless, there are certain people who look identical to one another.


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