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RIP || Ended in tears for EFF, as they lose another Top Leader.

Death is something which it is not very easy to accommodate in our daily lives, death is something that can hurt you. When death is happening to other people, it can be very easy to say we totally understand that death is happening in our lives and the close people, we mean wait till death happens to one who is closer to you. Honestly that’s when so many people all over the world end up accepting that it is not easy at all to accept death in our daily lives . That is how everything is from time to time.

One of biggest things which need to be understood continues to happen in the meantime. And what hurting most it is the fact that our top leaders of South Africa they are no longer attending the funerals at all, as President Cyril Ramaphosa put so many lock down rules and regulations, which are not allowing so many plenty people’s to be attending the funerals of their loved ones and close one’s. It is hurting alot.

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In the biggest political parties of South Africa like the EFF (Economic Freedom fighters), it is so very sad and heart breaking to be losing so many of the active members in the EFF, at this point of time as there EFF is still more expected to be big/grow at this point and time that’s how things continues to happen from time to time. Things are really bad in the the EFF. That’s how everything’s is happening in the meantime.

And last important thing is one if the things which do not make sense at all in South African politics. It’s the fact at all of us that EFF are losing so many loyal members in the party at this point and time. And that’s how things are happening at this point and time and no one can stop them. It is how people can see that death is not chosen or selective at this moments on how everything can happen. We mean anyone can die at any point and time. May Philip Mhlongo his Soul Rest In Peace.

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