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Sad News As University Student Dies After 11 Rounds – (Bedroom Video Watch) 

There is a limit to which every man must go in whatever they do. Going above the elastic limit is going to get everything tearing apart.

A Nigerian student known as Oromidayo is currently the topic on the social media. He enjoyed life but sadly, as he was cumming, he was going.

I guess the deceased over here didn’t know that basic phenomenon, as he went ahead to go 11 straight rounds per reports. This life is cruel because you never know when you are going to leave and how you are going to leave.

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This nice gentleman per reports is a Polytechnic Ibadan student offering civil engineering. Today was actually supposed to be an exam day but due to some circumstances, the school was closed down and he had to go home.

In his quest to enjoy life after the cancellation of the exam, he invited his lady home and gave her hot strokes in the bedroom. Per reports, both parties drugged themselves so they would get more energy to do whatever skills they wanted.

As if five rounds wasn’t enough, they went ahead to enjoy eleven straight rounds. Well, the guy is now dead and the lady is currently in coma.

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