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“Shame On Them,” Video Of Schoolchildren Singing  About How They Hate Kelly Khumalo Sparks Outrage

South African songstress Kelly Khumalo can’t seem to catch a break.  Ever since Senzo Meyiwa was murdered at her mother’s house, she has been a spectacle on social media.

As if being trolled on social media by tweeps isn’t enough, Kelly Khumalo has found herself being hated on by schoolchildren.

Recent video footage of school children singing about how they hate Kelly Khumalo has got social media talking.

Kelly Khumalo Hate Song
Schoolchildren sing Kelly Khumalo Hate song|Kelly and the late Senzo Meyiwa during happy times (Image credit: Twitter)

A class of primary school children was singing that they hate Kelly Khumalo and called the singer a b***ch in the song.

The schoolchildren could be heard chanting ‘Ngiyamzonda u Kelly Khumalo.’

Watch the video below;

Social media users think the teacher needs to be fired from her position and are dismayed that children were taught a song of this nature. However, on the other hand, some think that Kelly Khumalo deserves it for withholding information relating to Senzo Meyiwa murder.


Remember kids mimic what we do. The video of those kids singing about Kelly Khumalo is very disturbing! What are we teaching children kodwa?


they are teaching kids to disrespect and swear at adults. shame on them…


The way Kelly Khumalo traumatized us as a nation is beyond the expression of words. What makes it worse is that she shows no Remorse, she is the devil m telling u. Songs like these one must be sung to remind her of the pain she caused us who Loved Senzo


And you wonder why we have such a violent society…. it is because we normalize violence and teach our children to disrespect women at an early age. There’s something wrong with this video….

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