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Shocker As Polyandrous Sangoma Gogo Skhotheni Confesses To Using ‘Umuthi’ On Her Second Husband 

Shocker As Polyandrous Sangoma Gogo Skhotheni Confesses To Using ‘Umuthi’ On Her Second Husband

Controversial sangoma and reality star Gogo Skhotheni recently left Mzansi shocked after she confessed to using umuthi on her second husband.

Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng popularly known as Gogo Skhotheni who has been married for two years to her first husband, known as Mr Shange recently took a second husband.

Speaking to TimesLive about her polyandrous relationship with two husbands, Gogo Skhotheni spilled the tea on how she had to do a ritual and give her second husband isidliso.

Gogo Skhotheni Confesses To using umuthi on her second husband
Gogo Skhotheni with her first husband Mr Shange (Image Credit: Facebook)

She claims that she resorted to using umuthi on her second husband because he was jealous.

I had to [give him isdliso] because he had his jealous thing, I had to cool him down so he can still understand that I still call the shots … Also, they have to get along, so I can’t do that without using umuthi at the end of the day.

Gogo Skhotheni defended herself saying that she was just strengthening the love that is already there.  She added that she had to do the ritual so that their love remains strong. She likened her actions to cooking meat and adding spices.

It’s not starting new love, it’s ukwandisa (strengthening) the love that is already there and you’re just adding spice. It’s like cooking meat and then you spice the meat.”

“You’re putting a stamp to make sure it’s a lifetime thing because I don’t want to go out of it any more. It’s not like you’re giving someone something they don’t know; they have that love, but you make it strong so it doesn’t leave.”

Speaking about her second husband, Gogo Skhotheni revealed that even though her ancestors revealed her second husband to her, she had known him for a long time and fell in love with him and cheated with him.

Currently, she lives with both her husbands separately.

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