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#IsencaneLengane is a reality tv show of two young couple Siyacela and Thando who got married at the age of 16. Siyacela have been the talk since he started disrespecting some of his family members including his grandmother from his mother’s side.

Mzansi Is not happy with Siyacela and Thando in #IsencaneLengane. Viewers were left speechless after seeing Thando Visiting Siyacela’s grandmother after she said she will never visit. In the last episode of #IsencaneLengane we saw Thando visiting the old woman after they both said they will never visit her. Siyacela have accused the old woman of witchcraft and tying to use him at night for witchcraft.

Siyace have also said that she is the one who spend the money that her money left for him before she died. Siyacela also went to Police station after his father encouraged him to open a case against her.

In the last episode we saw Siyacela exchanging words with his mother in law. Viewers are not surprised to see Siyacela not talking to his in law. Viewers is convinced that Siyacela hates everyone who is telling the truth.

#IsencaneLengane fans are not blaming Siyacela, but they blame Mr Dlamuka who raised him to be the person he is. Mr Dlamuka was also not talking to his mother in-law and accused her of a lot of stuff.

Thando visited Siyacela’s grandmother because they don’t have a place to stay. Thando claim that she only apologized and said that Siyacela wanted to fixed things with the family for fun. She said that she said all those things just to make her happy. While on the other hand she was asking about the room to rent. Thando once said that she will not speak to her after she said that Thando is slobs and her room is not clean.

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