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Trouble in MaMkhize’s palace as Sithelo leaks conversations between her and Sbahle Mpisane 

Sithelo leaked voice notes of her baby daddy’s sister from December after Andile wedded Tamia. Sbahle was checking up to see how she was doing. At the time, Sithelo had a three-month-old baby and seeing her recent ex get married to another woman would have been devastating. Initially, Sithelo and Sbahle were friends, so she was checking up on her to see if she was well.

Sbahle sent direct messages on Instagram using voice notes asking how the DJ was doing; she also mentioned that she didn’t know anything about Tamia. In the voice note, she says she isn’t picking sides, but she just wanted to check on the Wena hitmaker. According to Sbahle, it was all a shock that her younger brother would marry someone that wasn’t even introduced to her.

On the voice notes, she said something rather alarming, and many people noted it when the voice notes were released. She said she avoided calling as she knows phone calls are recorded.

Sithelo and Baby Coco
Sithelo and Baby Coco. Image: Instagram/Sithelo

Said she was surprised when Andile wedded Tamia. What a lot of people assume is that she still had it in her head that Andile and Sithelo were still dating. If we look at the leaked chats, we can see Sbahle tagged Sithelo on her Instagram stories on the 8th of December. It seems as if she was completely unaware of the new woman. If she knew about her, she would’ve checked on the DJ much earlier.

After the conversations, a lot of people believed when she said she didn’t know there was a wedding happening. If we remember correctly, during the wedding, she was wearing gym clothes. No matter how fitness fanatic a person is, no one can wear gym gear as a wedding guest. Remembering her outfit at her younger brother’s wedding, many people feel she was sincere when she said she didn’t know about the wedding.

Andile Mpisane launches the Makhwapheni challenge
Andile Mpisane – Image Credit:

Yesterday Twitter and social media were buzzing with the drama between the two parties. Sbahle had many things to say about Sithelo, and some of them seemed to be rather striking on the nerves as she pointed out that she and Sithelo were friends at some point, and now they can’t even talk to Sithelo since she blocked the entire family. She also said some dampening things about the DJ and mother of three.

Sbahle kept saying she wasn’t taking any sides, and if she were abused, she wouldn’t take the side of her younger brother. Her reason for that is that she’s a woman, and as a woman, she cannot protect a woman abuser. She said she has a history of being a homewrecker, and she might be hiding her last born child’s paternity.

Currently, there is huge speculation on social media, and apparently, there is proof out there of the alleged event. Apparently, there is evidence out there, but it hasn’t come to the surface, so right now, it’s just a rumour. During the Durban July weekend, it is said Andile tried to fix things with Sithelo, but she didn’t have it.

As the stepdaughter of the entrepreneur and reality show star MaMkhize, many people said she would get in trouble for the voice notes she sent in December. Some said she is on her way to follow her father the same way he was turned away from the family. Many assume Sbahle is in hot water due to the leaked voice notes.

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