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Watch As Man Gets His Toe Cut Off For A Car 

Watch As Man Gets His Toe Cut Off For A Car

Zvigunwe Craze

What would it take for you to have your toe cut off? What’s your price?

It seems like the “zvigunwe” craze is not just hogwash but an actual phenomenon. An unidentified man has been filmed getting his toe cut after being offered a Range Rover vehicle.

The “zvigunwe” craze has taken Zimbabwe by storm, as speculations have run rife that toes are the latest gold nuggets.

In the video, a man is standing beside a Range Rover, and he is asked if the process of having his toe cut is painful since he had picked the biggest toe to be sliced off. He then tells the men that he is okay with it since he will be given the luxurious car.

The camera then tilts and shows his big toe being slashed by a spanner. The toe is bleeding profusely, and blood has buddled under his right foot.

One of the people then tells the guy holding the spanner to continue tearing off the toe, and the volunteer screams in excruciating pain. Despite the pain from the toe, the man is unrelenting, as he asks those cutting him to hand him the car keys.

Watch the video below.

Rumours have circulated that dealers and some people in Harare are having their toes cut off and sold for riches. Unverified claims state that the big toe is going for US$40,000 while the middle toe costs US$25,000, and the tiny toe is attracting US$10,000.

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