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Watch Zandie Khumalo try to save Senzo Meyiwa’s life after he was shot 

South African songster Zandie Khumalo has opened to eNCA for the primary time concerning what transpired that fateful night once Senzo Meyiwa was shot dead.

Meyiwa died in 2014 when being shot throughout associate alleged theft gone wrong at the house of his then-girlfriend Kelly Khumalo. within the aftermath of his murder, Zandie and her family still create headlines.

There looks to be without stopping to Mzansi’s barbs toward the Khumalo family, and one wonders once they are going to be clean-handed of all the backlash they still face.

Zandie UN agency was one in every of the folks within the house once Senzo was dead has conjointly shared her own version of events. per her, one in every of their neighbors, Mam Sangweni, was allegedly overwhelmed and interrogated by police all night to comply with “certain things.”

The singer has apologized to her neighbours for the torture and stress they’d to endure since the incident flat.

“I need to apologize on behalf of my family, it had been not our intention. we tend to didn’t arrange for any price, however It simply happen. i’d not would like this to happen even on my worst enemy as a result of it’s associate current cloud that’s forever hanging on your shoulders,” she said.

A few weeks agone, advocate Malesela Teffo claimed that the crime scene had been tampered with throughout his interrogation of Sgt Thabo Mosia.

Watch Zandie Khumalo try to save Senzo Meyiwa's life after he was shot 5
Zandie same she doesn’t perceive what they mean once they say the crime scene was tampered with as a result of once they came from the hospital their house was full.

“When they are saying the crime scene was tampered with, I don’t recognize what they mean. initial of all, our house was too tiny. The minute you have got five folks its a poker hand. By the time we tend to came from taking Senzo to the hospital the house was packed. a number of the folks we tend to knew et al. we tend to didn’t,” she said.

Teffo claimed that once Senzo was taken to the hospital he had already died however Zandie same she tried to save lots of his life.

“I was the one sitting with Senzo at the rear of the automotive, swing pressure on the wound resulting in the hospital. Even on our thanks to the hospital, I may feel him obtaining cold from his feet. i used to be busy reprimand him all the approach, attempting to stay him alive .” she said.
Watch Zandie Khumalo try to save Senzo Meyiwa's life after he was shot 6

Upon being asked what she might need modified, Zandie same that she wanted she had injured one in every of the intruders as a result of perhaps they’d are ready to tell them UN agency employed them.

“When one thing happens of that magnitude, you forget everything. I even forgot the knife drawer, perhaps I could’ve taken a knife and injured somebody. perhaps if there was one left behind, one would have same one thing it would’ve been higher. Things simply bear your mind that I would’ve wished to try to to most, same Zandie.

She continued: “If a scenario is facing you and if can|it’ll} happen thereon day there’s nothing you’ll be able to have it away will happen,”

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