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What the people of Zimbabwe did to Makhadzi can never be undone

Zimbabwe’s permanent secretary of finance George Guvamatanga threw a lavish 50th birthday party attended by business executives and media figures.

SA musicians Makhadzi and Mafikizolo were hired to perform at the birthday bash, dubbed “G.T.G 50”.

The extravagant outdoor celebration, featuring sushi bars and grilled lobster tails on the menu, was attended by guests in tuxedos and glitzy gowns.

Among several of the party videos that caused a stir after being shared on social media was one of Guvamatanga promising to multiply by five the payment promised to one of the artists.

“So whatever there was on that bill … I don’t want to disclose. I’m multiplying what was on that bill by five. Tomorrow morning you give me your bank details and by the time you get to SA that amount by five will be in your account my brother,” said Guvamatanga.

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