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Hayibo! See the things that Prophetess Ayanda Ncwane inherited from her late husband Sfiso Ncwane. See

Ayanda Ncwane: Living a Life of Luxury and Resilience

In the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, amidst the opulent neighborhoods of Dainfern and Sandton, lies the palatial mansion that Ayanda Ncwane, widow of the notable South African gospel singer Sifiso Ncwane, calls home.

Theirs was a life of extravagance, a life fueled by the success of Sifiso’s musical career, one that continued to shine even after his untimely passing. Ayanda Ncwane’s story is a testament to resilience, wealth, and a commitment to maintaining the lavish lifestyle she once shared with her beloved husband.

The House that Love Built

Ayanda Ncwane’s residence, a double-story behemoth in Dainfern, stands as a living tribute to the memory of her late husband. The house, festooned with images of Sifiso that adorn its walls, is a testament to their enduring love. While the precise value of the property remains undisclosed, it’s evident that it bears a hefty price tag.

Not only does this mansion house Ayanda and her family, but it also serves as a shrine to the late gospel artist. Sifiso Ncwane’s accolades, tastefully displayed in a glass cabinet within the living room, offer a glimpse into his extraordinary career. The impeccable interior décor and luxurious furnishings portrayed on Ayanda’s Instagram account are a testament to her impeccable taste and the grandeur of her abode.

In March 2021, Ayanda Ncwane hosted a lavish birthday party for her son, Mawenza Ncwane, celebrating his 13th birthday. The event took place in their stately residence, complete with a swimming pool—a feature that further enhances the extravagance of the property.

Driving in Style: Ayanda’s Car Collection

The Ncwane estate is not solely defined by the impressive mansion; Ayanda also possesses a fleet of high-end vehicles that includes a white Range Rover Sport and a striking red Ferrari. These luxury cars, some of which she inherited from her late husband, add to the aura of opulence that surrounds her life.

Let’s delve into the specifications of these fine automobiles:


  • Estimated price: R1.3 million
  • Torque: 275lb ft @ 4750rpm
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual gearbox (F1 optional), rear-wheel drive
  • Engine: V8, naturally-aspirated, 3586cc
  • Color: Red

Range Rover Sport:

  • Estimated price: $69,500
  • Engine: 3.0 litre 6-cylinders 250PS turbocharged engine
  • Horsepower: 355
  • Seating capacity: Five
  • Color: White

Ayanda’s impressive car collection reflects her unyielding dedication to maintaining the high life she shared with her late husband.

Dressed to the Nines: Ayanda’s Fashion Sense

Beyond her luxurious home and car collection, Ayanda Ncwane’s wardrobe is another testament to her lavish lifestyle. She exudes elegance and extravagance with every outfit she dons, often complemented by expensive handbags and designer shoes. Her impeccable sense of style serves as a constant reminder of the affluence she enjoys.

Sifiso Ncwane: The Breadwinner

Sifiso Ncwane, the gospel sensation, was not only the breadwinner of his matrimonial family but also his extended family. His generosity was notable, and he took great care to ensure that his loved ones were comfortable. Even before his unfortunate demise, Sifiso’s wealth was evident through grand gestures like gifting an AMG Mercedes-Benz GL 63 V8, worth R1.9 million, to his pastor, Reverend Francis Anosike, in 2015. His family’s prosperity and his benevolence made him a prominent figure in his community.

Ayanda’s Hustle: Beyond the Loss

Prior to her husband’s passing, Ayanda Ncwane was no stranger to hard work. She served as the Chief Executive Officer of Ncwane Communications, Sifiso Ncwane’s music company. Her dedication to the role was evident, as she elevated the company to unprecedented success. Under her leadership, Ncwane Communications set sales records and became the best-selling company in both gospel and secular genres in South Africa and beyond during the 2014/2015 period.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Ayanda received four awards at the South African Music Awards, culminating in her appointment as the President of South Africa Gospel Awards in 2020. Her achievements extended globally, as she won the International Outstanding Music Promoter and Brand Manager award in London.

Ayanda’s relentless work ethic not only ensured her own financial stability but also allowed her to become the family’s new breadwinner, supporting herself and her children after the loss of her husband.

Beyond the Music: Ayanda’s Versatility

Ayanda Ncwane’s talents extend beyond the corporate world. In 2021, she joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Durban” (RHOD), debuting on Showmax, adding another dimension to her public persona. She also demonstrated her authorial prowess, publishing a book in honor of her late husband, Sfiso Ncwane. Titled “For The Love of Sfiso Ncwane,” the book served as a tribute to her husband’s legacy and was published in October 2018. Her versatility and determination shine through in every endeavor she undertakes.

Legal Battles and Inheritance

Following Sifiso Ncwane’s death, a legal battle emerged, with his children from previous relationships contesting Ayanda’s claim to their father’s estate. While the outcome remains undisclosed, Sifiso’s will, witnessed by Ayanda, left his entire estate to his wife, thus potentially bestowing upon her the lion’s share of his possessions. The controversy surrounding the will led to suspicions of forgery, but the specifics of the case remain shrouded in mystery.

Ayanda Ncwane’s life is a fascinating journey through the opulent and the resilient, a testament to her determination to preserve the luxurious lifestyle she once shared with her beloved husband. Despite the challenges she faced, Ayanda has emerged as a successful entrepreneur, an acclaimed author, and a prominent television personality, ensuring that her legacy is as rich and diverse as her late husband’s musical heritage.

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