Reach Your Targeted Audience: Sell Your Goods & Services At Zero Cost, Right Here!

Sell your goods and services at zero cost

Despite the increase in ecommerce, many advertising agencies are still charging for ad placement on various ecommerce platforms and this has resulted in many different start-ups failing to get noticed on the ecommerce industry.

Sell your goods and services at zero cost

This motivated a team of developers to develop an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and where you can post all your goods and services at zero cost.

Thengisa24 was developed with all types of businesses in mind from real estate, motor vehicles, beauty therapy, clothing, hardware, software and many more. The good news is that you don’t need to sign up to start posting ads as the developers understand how tiresome it is to sign up for each and every site and struggle to remember all your passwords for each site. Therefore you can start posting with or without an account.

Sell your goods and services at zero cost

Thengisa24 also supports QR codes which can be used both online and offline and you can use them on your flyers, business cards and also link them to your public profile.

Thengisa24 is offering free premium ad placements to its customers as well as free adverts on their social platforms.

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