SAD: Fired Lithapo actor Mangaliso Ngema attacked by locusts

Fired Lithapo actor Mangaliso Ngema attacked by locusts

Mangaliso Ngema attacked by locusts

Seasoned actor Mangaliso Ngema who was accused of sexual harassment in 2020 was recently attacked by a swarm of locusts in the Northern Cape recently.

The fired Lithapo actor shared several videos of locusts blocking his way and getting inside his car.

In the video, the actor is pleading with the Northern Cape and Free State government to intervene as the locusts are a big problem for farmers in the provinces.

“The locust swarms in the Northern Cape and the Free State are a big problem for farmers.”

“I’d only heard of them in the news, but I saw for myself this past weekend.”

“Our government needs to step up to help farmers, otherwise, we are in trouble.”

Watch the videos here:

Ngema’s followers reckon the locusts were sent by God just like in the bible. Read comments here:

Actress Sthandiwe Kgoroge commented:

“Omg! What is God saying that we are not getting?”

Masiya said:

“Exodus 10. God will always warn his people before something terrible comes.”

I’m not preaching; however, this reminds me of what happened to Pharaoh when he decided to not listen to God.”

Thembani Mbasa:

“Don’t start with the Bushiri type of thinking again.”

“God loves us so great including those locusts. It’s their time, it will pass.”

The seasoned actor was accused by The Queen actress Lorraine Moropa of violating her human rights in July 2020.

Mangaliso publicly apologised and admitted to the incident which took place on set.

“I am not going to deny any allegations levelled against my name. I will take full responsibility for the sexual harassment case. I apologize to Miss Lorraine Moropa and others for the abuse I directed towards them.”

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