Tagwirei, the most celebrated Zim astute businessman

Who will celebrate our own, thunders one of the local Zim researchers, Prof Makundikane. If Bill Gates is being celebrated in his own country, Dangotte, being celebrated in several countries around Africa, what about our own Kudakwashe Tagwirei?

Time has come to rise above petty issues, rise above politics and jealous, and celebrate our own Kudakwashe Tagwirei, who has made tremendous inroads not only in business, but mostly in philanthropic work.

Tagwirei, the most celebrated Zim astute businessman

You will never see Tagwirei blowing the trumpet, he has managed to remain calm despite criticism , he has remained a focus astute businessman, and he has proved many people wrong by focusing on development.

What most people don’t realize is that if your own local talent is being put on sanctions, it is us, Zimbabweans who will suffer, many will lose their jobs.

How many white people are corrupt? Who has talked about them? In Europe, point on black person who was celebrated as a successful person, apart from being put on sanctions, or being butchered alive?

Few years , down the lane, KT will be a driving a huge local empowerment drive which will bankroll Zimbabwe, and many neighbouring countries, and this is what Americans don’t like, and they will never tell you why they hate Kudakwashe Tagwirei.

Prominent and most celebrated businessman, Kudakwashe Tagwirei is hitting the ceiling, investing in all critical sectors of the economy. Whilst many are quick to point out that Kuda, popularly known as K.T’ s business interests are associated with the current regime, Kuda has proved many wrong, particularly to those who have known Tagwirei for the past 20 years can testify that indeed hard working bears fruits. Tagwirei who started his business ventures with 15 000 litres of petrol, and operating from his house, is now one of the most celebrated Zim tycoon. It is important to celebrate your own, and we must learn to promote our own people, and pick one or two areas you feel are important for growth and success. What Kudakwashe Tagwirei has simply done is to look for opportunities and position himself strategically for expansion and growth. This is what most people have failed to do, you need to position yourself, if you are in business. Tap in wisdom for growth, and build yourself a name. You must ensure that you press the correct button if you are to make progress.

Time has come to take up the mantle, and celebrate our own talented local content, and promote our own. Who will celebrate our own Kudakwashe? During the time when petrol and diesel were a scarce commodity, Tagwirei took the opportunity to strike a deal, to ensure Zimbabwe had enough fuel reserves. He aided Government of Zimbabwe at a time when almost all service stations had run dry.

Whilst Billy and others remain hiding in caves, noone has the guts to attack them, the only man they see to be a weaker brethren is Kudakwashe Tagwirei? What about Billy? How many kids did Billy Rateunbach sent to school?

Here is a man who has managed to position himself using Strategic applied thinking around several opportunities in Zimbabwe. We can blame the system or individuals, you need to hear the story of Kuda and think twice or pause before you point fingers. We need such around town, those with balls to deliver and make an impact for this great nation.

Few years back, when Kuda was put on sanctions, many celebrated not knowing the type of stone which was going to hit us, it meant a lot for us vana vevhu. Wake up, mukai pepukai mumuke kuhope, noone will celebrate our own achievements, except us Zimbabweans, only the wise will listen to this one, be proud of your own, your own people, your own race, your own colour, and for now let’s put our hands together for KUDAKWASHE TAGWIREI !

Today, you can drive to Bulawayo, and visit the leafy Highlanders sports club, there is tremendous progress, visit Rufaro stadium, and in few months, you will see the gigantic National sports stadium, and prove me wrong. Have a look at Highlanders and Dynamos players, and point one local giant who has managed to plough back into the mainstream economy? How many guys are enjoying their money outside the country? Here comes poor Kuda, simply to take up the mantle and promote his own people.

Today where is George Shaya family? Where is Mhofu family? What about those forgotten soccer heroes of this nation? This man deserves a medal, and none other than Kudakwashe Tagwirei?

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