Tagwirei’s philanthropic & entrepreneurship work spreads across the country 

Tagwirei’s philanthropic & entrepreneurship work spreads across the country

Local tycoon, and business mogul, Kudakwashe Tagwirei, popularly known as K.T has made tremendous strides across the country, in touching many hearts in kind. Kuda, who doubles as CEO of Sakunda Holdings, and Church Elder, gave a motivational public lecture which left many asking for more, whilst he was addressing a bumper crowd at city centre church in Harare.

The Zimbabwe’s astute businessman, gave a lecture entitled , “Faith driven Entrepreneurship” which centred more on giving back to the community. Tagwirei was addressing more than 2000 young people who came from all walks of life, to come and listen to the local tycoon businessman. His message was drawn from Hebrews 1:1 , which talks about faith, believing in things which you cannot see. The idea was centred on the spirit of continously fighting until you get what you want.

Narrating his experience as a business mogul, Kuda started his business ventures in the early 90s, tantamount to those who may think , he started his businesses during the inaugural of the second republic. I started my business with 15 000 litres, and I spend most of my time, queuing for fuel, thundered Tagwirei, after receiving a thunderous applause from the crowd which was cheering for more.

From humble beginnings, Tagwirei used his bedroom as an office, and opted to work from home, cutting costs on rentals and other bills. Later on, Kuda and Sandra who formed a business vehicle known as Sakunda Holdings, sold their own house to revive the empire which was almost collapsing. He never gave up, but he continued with the fighting spirit, until he established business ventures in all critical sectors of the economy. Tagwirei, narrated how he started his business together with his wife, who helped him with many ideas until they pulled together to were they are today.

Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting, one of the SDA followers narrated how Kuda started , and in his own words he said, ” K.T was just a simple guy, though he is smart, we knew him in the early 80s, and he never showed himself that he is a mogul, he preferred to live a private life, and never to blow his trumpet.

One of the sentiments which many people echoed, Kudakwashe Tagwirei, will never respond to public sentiments, either media or gossip, he would actually focus on his life, and ensure he will do the best for his family. He would never follow gossip, instead he would help those who were busy plotting for his downfall. Addressing the same audience, the business mogul made it clear that, Entrepreneurship Development must be redirected to God’s work, and one of the reasons why God brought him from afar, is to ensure he builds more churches, focus on philanthropic work, and ensure the gospel is preached unto many.

Summary of Tagwirei’s public lecture

  1. Hard working bears fruits
  2. Prayer is the key to unlock God’ s blessings
  3. God’s favour is upon you
  4. Believe and it shall happen
  5. Keep relations and they will open floodgates for your success
  6. Never give up, joy comes in the morning
  7. Faith driven Entrepreneurship is motivated by the desire to do God’ s work
  8. Never plan to pull other down
  9. Forgiveness is key to unlock God’s providence
  10. Wait upon the Lord, God’ s time is the best Tantem Investments can be contacted at

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