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Fight Fire With Fire: Generations’ ‘Tshidi’ Letoya Makhene To Fight Deadbeat Ex-Lovers

Generations: The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene who plays the role of determined businesswoman Tshidi Moroka has announced that she will be fighting back against her abusive deadbeat ex-lovers.

The Generations: The Legacy actress said she is done with being mature and considered when dealing with her ex-lovers due to the abuse she always gets. Instead, she said she will now fight back using her ex’s underhand tactics.

Writing on Twitter, responding to comments about deadbeat baby daddies, the actress said,

I’ve been mature for far too long-that’s a why I’m not escaping the abuse from my exes. I’ve now made a decision to fight them back like they do. Childish and durty…Hopefully this will stop them.

In another post, the Tshidi actress blasted deadbeat fathers for not taking care of their children.

“As if you know what I’m going through. This man posts fancy pictures of him and my son on social media. That time my partner pays his sons school fees, medical aid, transport and extra murals. He brings him home with a plastic bag with R100 goodies

“I’m coming out with my story soon!!! These fuckers have been getting away with murder for far too long!!!

“These ASSES need to stop! And all because it’s two women raising their kids! It’s not about the kid. Never had been or Will be!!! It’s about destabilising your relationship!!!! Fu.c.kers!!!! Fight him.”

Last year, the Generations: The Legacy actress was embroiled in a social media firestorm after some people accused her of overcharging her traditional healing clients.

The mother of four slammed critics who claimed R1,000 was excessive for a consultation.

She insisted that her time is valuable and that those who require her services must pay for it.

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