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Makoti Divorced For Requesting D0ggy Style From Husband

-“It’s against our culture to mate like dogs..”

-“Where did she learn such things?”

A Guruve family has ‘unanimously’ resolved to divorce Tsitsi Murakwani (27) for demanding that her husband Tumai Karanda (34) take her from the back.

Tsitsi made the unusual request 3 years into her marriage and her husband is gutted.

” I don’t know what got into her. She just bent over and started panting like a dog. She said she wanted me to do what a dog does. I thought she was possessed and left the bedroom to sleep in the kitchen.

But she didn’t stop and she declared that I would not sleep with her unless I did the style of the dogs. I have seen dogs mating and it’s like they would be pulling each other, I believe humans cannot do that.

I called my aunt and a family meeting was arranged. We all resolved that divorce was the proper way to to go.

It’s against our culture, we don’t mate like dogs.”

The family’s spokesperson Tete Mai George also seconded what Tumai said.

” Tanyara. Tamubvunza kuti wakazvidzidzepi akatsenga mukanwa. Hanzi Whatsapu grupu. Chirungu chacho chatinetsawo. Iye mukadzi wemunhu anotsvagei paWhatsapu yo? Handiti ndoochipfambi chiripachena?,” she told The Citizen.

Tsitsi scolded The Citizen. “Nyorai zvamada. It’s my right to speak to my husband on what I want in my bedroom. The family is ancient and backward but I am not being divorced. Tumai still loves me.”

The Citizen hopes the couple will resolve their differences amicably and maybe they will not mate like dogs. It’s an abomination in Guruve.


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