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Meet 7 women who married one man

Meet 7 women who married one man. Polygamy is now normalized in South Africa, it has been our African way of living, our ancestors and forefathers had multiple wives and everyone was ok with it and the wives we’re also ok with it.

Meet 7 women who married one man

Here is a man from IPCC church who is married to 7 Wives. They are all attending the same church and they also seem happy with the arrangement as they are all smiling as seen on the picture below.

Meet 7 women who married one man

Allegedly one of the wives shared the picture above on Facebook and quoted a bible verse which was about 7 wives marrying one husband, this picture caused a stir on Facebook, a lot of people are questioning wether it’s ok to marry this many wives at this particular church and some respect this arrangement, while others are disappointed in these ladies for agreeing to be in a polygamous relationship.

“We should normalize this and stop playing around. God bless this man with lots of Mandela’s and strength” one Facebook user commented

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