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SEE LIST: Top South African Celebrities Who Are Lesbians

A lesbian is a woman who is gay. The term lesbian is also used to define or connect things with female homosexuality or same-sex infatuation, or same-sex fascination. The Celebrities mentioned below are lesbians.

Lettoya makhene

The singer and entertainer has previously been married with children, however her marriage was reportedly ended due to alleged mistreatment. Lettoya then married another person with whom she had her fourth child, but they were again separated. She finally introduced us to a woman named Lebo, whom she later got married to.

Zixubu Thishiwe 

The entertainer and CEO is a mother of a young girl, who revealed that she had previously dated males who were not actually her type. She chose to tell her father the truth about her sexuality. He was incredibly supportive of her sexuality. She subsequently began dating another performer, Mandisa, and the two appeared to be in love until they were estranged.

Dana Simphiwe 

The award-winning vocalist was previously married and is the mother of two small daughters. Simphiwe revealed she was into females after her divorce and has been seeing drama artist Phumeza Matshikiza. The pair has a tremendous deal of affection for one another, and they aren’t afraid to show it. 

Buthelezi Nomsa 

The actress and TV personality startled fans when she resorted to social media to publish a photo of a woman she was dating. Many people were surprised to learn that Nomsa dated people and had children as a result of her relationships. She eventually made vow with a woman named Zandile Shezi who was very similar to her.

Ali, Quintessa

The lovely lady is married to Courtney, a female choreographer and DJ. The couple are fully devoted to one another.

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