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South African Rappers Accused Of Selling Their Souls

It appears that selling one’s soul is a lucrative deal, given that we are yet to come across a poor person who has been accused of practicing devil worship or being in the Illuminati. It’s always the rich and successful ones only.

While we are not exactly sure about where one can sell their soul, given that you can’t do it on eBay, let’s take a look at some of South Africa‘s best rappers who have been accused of selling their souls in exchange for money and fame.

We would have asked them about the procedure of how to sell one’s soul, but unfortunately, most of them have so far denied the ridiculous allegations.

Cassper Nyovest

You know you have made it in life when people start saying you are a devil worshipper; this is true, especially in an African context.

Cassper Nyovest released his debut album ‘Tsholofelo’ less than a decade ago. In that short time, he has managed to climb the ladders quickly to become one the most successful rappers in South Africa.
Mufasa, whose net worth is currently estimated at around $8 million, is also a successful business and has made his mark in the music production industry, footwear industry, and beverage industry.
While it’s pretty clear that Cassper works hard for his success, not everybody believes that this is true. Some people seem to think that Cassper is using dark forces to get to where he is, accusations that Cassper has denied.

In 2021, a tweep identified as Lucas Manebaneba asked Cassper to enjoy his Illuminati proceeds before his time was up. As his fans came to his defense, Mufasa also got wind of the tweet and clapped back at the tweep, terming the idea as silly and saying that he just works hard and prays.

Fifi Cooper

Fifi Cooper on stage, credit: Instagram

This versatile, award-winning singer/rapper has also been accused of being in the Illuminati or at least promoting the cult.
Shortly after her successful career launch in 2015, a fan criticized her for using hand gestures and wearing a cap with an Illuminati sign. Apparently, an inverted triangle symbol can arouse unwarranted suspicion; who knew?
Anyways, sis screenshotted the Facebook post and laughed at it, saying, “What’s Illuminati ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

Boity Thulo

The beautiful and talented Boity has also had her share of trolls accusing her of being in the Illuminati.
There was a point in 2013 when Boity followed exactly 666 people on Instagram, and as you might be well aware, the number 666 is usually associated with the cult.
A tweep noticed this coincidence and rushed to the conclusion that Boity was in Illuminati; like Fifi Cooper, Boity just laughed off the whole thing.


The ‘Don’t forget to pray’ hitmaker has ironically been accused more than once of selling his soul to the devil. The accusations stem from the symbols he uses in his videos.
Anatii’s 2016 single ‘Jump’ that featured Cassper Nyovest and Nasty C was the starting point of the allegations.


Emtee performing for a crowd, credit: Instagram

Emtee has also been branded in the list of rappers who sold their souls, but weirdly enough, his former friend (Cruz Afrika.)

At the time of his accusation, Cruz Afrika accused Emtee of having joined Illuminati, and to further support his claim; he said that Emtee had sacrificed one of their friends in exchange for success.
Emtee rubbished the claims saying people were just jealous.
Other big names who have been accused of selling their souls include Black Coffee and DJ Fresh.
Do you believe that witchcraft and the Illuminati exist? We would like to hear your opinion.

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