All you need to know about comedian Arap Marindich 

All you need to know about comedian Arap Marindich. Kenyan Comedia who goes viral on social media

Meet The Kenyan Comedia Arap Marindich who has gone viral after his hilarious video imitating World rally championships drivers.

The man behind this hilarious picture and video is a Kenyan comedian ‘Arap Marindich.

His videos shooting a video imitating the World Rally Championship drivers who participated in the June 2022 Safari Rally that took place in Naivasha, Nakuru County has since gone viral on social media and some are using the pictures as memes

All you need to know about comedian Arap Marindich 

The comedian named Arap Marindich and his colleague, Tula Chemoget’s memes have gone viral due to their hilarious facial expressions.

A spot check on their social media platforms showed that Marindich went viral after they released a skit explaining the tough conditions and terrain World Rally Championship drivers had to contend with during the competition.

He pretended to have just finished a race and were getting questions from interviewers in the pictures that have now gone viral online as memes.

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