Former SA President FW De Klerk recorded this video which was released after his death. WATCH HERE

South Africa’s last apartheid president FW De Klerk said his last words in a pre-recorded video. The former leader died on the 11th of November 2021 at his home in Cape Town at the age of 85.

In the video, De Klerk apologised for his involvement in South Africa’s system of racial segregation.

FW De Klerk’s last video

He pointed out the video is indeed his last words to South Africa. He said his final goodbyes to his wife and family. ‘We faced so many challenges of a different nature, and I hold opinions about all of them, but I decided to keep this message short and focused on two issues,” de Klerk said in the video.

He thanked his friends, family and supporters for standing with him throughout his political career.

‘Thank you for having carried me on your shoulders for so many years.’

‘The first issue I want to focus on is apartheid and me,’ he said.

The last white president admitted he is often accused of continuing to justify apartheid. He said he supported ‘separate development’ in his younger years as he never liked the word apartheid.

He also admitted to supporting apartheid as a member of parliament and a member of the cabinet. However, he pointed out that he apologised for the pain and indignity apartheid caused to most South Africans on many occasions. ‘Many believe me, but others do not,’ de Klerk said.

‘I apologise without qualification for the damage,’ he said.

De Klerk said he apologises as an individual as he felt as he had a conversion to realise how bad apartheid was. He admitted the wrongness of the system but said he made far-reaching decisions to bring democracy to South Africa.

On his second point, de Klerk said he is proud of the national constitution but is worried about undermining the constitution. He affirmed the need to promote economic growth and employment through observing the laws of the country.

‘The road forward is difficult, but I believe if people in South Africa put their heads together, we can overcome the challenges we face,’ de Klerk said in his final message.


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