Here is the Drake Hot Sauce’ Story. Is it true? See how Drake responded

Rap superstar Drake has been trending on social media following an outrageous story about how he used hot sauce as a way to protect himself and prevent his lover from stealing his sperm to impregnate herself. While the hot sauce story has not been verified and is likely false, it has put the spotlight on the consequences of “sperm theft”.

What is the Drake Hot Sauce Story?

If you may have missed the story that has been trending across the world, here is a quick recap.

An Instagram model claimed that she had been intimate with the Canadian rapper a few weeks ago. Speaking to the Too Much Tea blog, the woman claimed that Drake took the used condom to the bathroom to dispose of it after the encounter.

Shortly after this, the woman claimed that she went into the bathroom and fished the condom out of the garbage. She then allegedly inserted the condom into her privates in an attempt to impregnate herself with the entertainment star’s seed.

Unfortunately for her, Drake had allegedly put hot sauce in the condom to prevent her or anyone else from stealing his sperm and impregnating themselves with it.

The model claimed that she screamed in pain after feeling a burning sensation in her privates from the hot sauce.

Drake Hot Sauce' Story' Puts Spotlight On Consequences Of "Sperm Theft"
Drake Hot Sauce’ Story’ Puts Spotlight On Consequences Of “Sperm Theft”

How Did Drake React To The Hot Sauce Story?

The musician did not comment directly on the outrageous story. However, he made a cryptic post on his Instagram page, seemingly referring to the Instagram model. Drake wrote,

“You can have your 15 minutes of fame… I’ll take the other 23 hours and 45 mins.”

While the hot sauce story has sparked memes and jokes on social media, it has also spotlighted the issue and consequences of “Sperm Theft.”

What is Sperm Theft?

Sperm theft occurs when a man’s semen is used, against his will or without his knowledge or consent, to impregnate a woman. In other words, sperm theft is the stealing of a man’s sperm for the purpose of falling pregnant without his consent and will.

Sperm theft is also known as unauthorised use of sperm, sperm jacking or spurgling (a combination of sperm and burgling).

Apart from using sperm from used condoms, other methods of sperm theft include lying about being infertile, lying about being on birth control and sabotaging birth control methods, e.g. poking holes in condoms without the other partner knowing. Extreme cases of sperm jacking involve sexual assault, rape or statutory rape of a man or boy that results in pregnancy.

Is Sperm Theft A Crime?

In most jurisdictions across the world, sperm theft is not strictly illegal, meaning that in most countries, there are no laws that explicitly criminalise sperm theft. Cases of spurgling are usually reported when there is a dispute over child support

Is A Man Legally Obligated To Pay Child Support If Sperm Theft Results In Pregnancy?

In most jurisdictions globally, men are required to pay child support/maintenance regardless of how the child was conceived, even if they can prove that their sperm was stolen.

The courts hold that the rights of children are paramount and typically enforce the doctrine of strict liability: namely, that a man is liable to support a child conceived with his sperm. It does not matter how the child is conceived; the victim of sperm theft is the legal father and is required to pay maintenance.

Because of the laws on child support/ maintenance, some men, especially those who are wealthy and famous, pay special attention when disposing of their used condoms.

New York Nicks’ star point guard Derrick Rose claimed that NBA players are taught to flush their condoms down the toilet or take them away after sexual intercourse so that women cannot use the sperm to impregnate themselves.

Drake Hot Sauce' Story' Puts Spotlight On Consequences Of "Sperm Theft"
 (Image: Drake via Instagram) Drake Hot Sauce’ Story’ Puts Spotlight On Consequences Of “Sperm Theft”

So Does This Mean Women Get Away Scott-Free with Sperm Theft?

In cases of sperm theft, the man may be able to sue the woman involved depending on the jurisdiction. However, regardless of the outcome of the civil case against the woman, the man will still be required to pay child support for the upkeep of his progeny.

If the man is able to prove that his sperm was stolen, the court may *reduce* the amount of child support and order the woman to pay damages to him.

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