Meet a Zimbabwean woman who played the role of Tupac Shakur’s mother

Tupac Shakur is one of the best rap musician of all the time. Though Tupac’ s music was about the struggles and violence within black communities after his death, young white youth like the rebel in him. He became an icon. Tupac had a painful life and his life ended up in tragedy. He was killed by unknown gunmam till this day nobody knows who killed Tupac. Though he was a rapper, and famous, Tupac was a son of someone. His mother was Afeni Shakur. His mother was a big influence in his life. In the movie, All Eyes On Me, a biopic about Tupac’s life, a Zimbabwean lady by the name of Danai Gurira plays the role of Afeni Shakur.

Danai grew up in Zimbabwe and she did her matric in that country and she went to the US to do her tertiary studies. She studied at Macalester College, in Minnesota, the state where George Floyd was killed by a white cop. She graduated with a bachelor of Arts. She went to study also in New York, and studied at New York University’s Tisch school of Arts. Currently, she is living in Los Angeles, the capital city of movies and home of movie stars. She also starred in the movie Black Panther.

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