Meet the Man Who Gave Barrack Obama 50cows, 70sheep, 30goats Just To Marry His Daughter

Marriage is crucial for people and a moment when a young person gets mature. At that point, he/she will look for a matching companion to spend the remainder of her life with.

Overtime, most people have made disastrous marital decisions, all in the name of first sight falling into love? Do you honestly think that love has a way to effect two young individuals at first sight?

This essay will circle a young man who stated his intention to marry the daughter of Barrack Obama. He expressed not only interest, he was also eager to do something simply to get his hand in marriage.

This man, Felix Kiprono, had been brave enough to supply animals as part of the bridal price of Barrack Obama’s daughter. The man who came from Nairobi, Kenya, was keen to give the cows to Obama.

Below is an image of the daughter of Obama:

Felix, who we decided to be a lawyer, had to sell 70 Sheep, 30 Goats and 50 Cows to seek Barrack Obama’s care and consent for the marriage of his daughter.

He was asked, during an interview, how he fell in love with Malia Obama and he said that he had so many visions. He also had to refrain from any other relationship just to be dedicated to Malia.

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