One of Dubai’s richest men speaks on defecating on slay queens’ faces – WATCH

Well, one Arab man who claims to be a Dubai citizen, says he is comfortable and financially a well-built man, and he can afford to fly slay queens and Instagram models on the first class to Dubai, is debunking these allegations as being ridiculous and very racist.

This man says he can assure that this fetish is not as common in Dubai and among Dubai Arab men as people are being lead to believe. He says for one he does not enjoy defecating on other people’s faces, he says it isn’t quite something a normal human being or rather a whole nation craves on doing, the people who are making this ridiculous assumption are being racist for generalizing these immoral and dehumanizing acts with all the nation of Dubai Arab men.

Yes, porta potty may be a thing but it’s happening across all the corners of the world, unfortunately, but he is mad that people are tagging Dubai in all this Porta Potty defecating and pissing on people nonsense with no actual proof or backup evidence. He does admit that maybe this might have happened once or twice in Dubai and no one even knew about it, but it happens in other places as well. And people shouldn’t come at Dubai men pointing fingers at them just because someone is an Arab man from Dubai, this is being racist and people could be sued for defamation on making such generalizations about a whole nation of Dubai.

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