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Eunice Got Involved In A Car Accident; Here Is What Happened To Her 

Eunice is involved in a car accident. We will not l be surprised if the accident was caused by alcohol. Her reckless behavior is the one that got her in trouble. SkeemSaam viewers in social media has been asking she’s going to be admitted at Turf Hospital or she’s going ook for a private hospital? Well she will wake up and find Mr Kgomo standing right in front of her.

It ended in tears for Eunice Nkandimeng. After blowing R1.7 million she is left with pain and sorrow. SkeemSaam viewers has been waiting to see her down fall after she she has been blowing money as if there is no tomorrow. In today’s episode Eunice Nkandimeng is involved in a car accident.

Eunice has been living a dangerous game with her life and now she will regret it. She will regret wasting money and all the champagne and expensive life she used to live. Her father will say those who are jealous of her are trying to kill her. For Mr Kgomo he will say that serves her right. By the time her father will liarn about her daughter it will be too late. He was also enjoying Lehasa’s Money. The fact that he has been saying that people are Jelous of her daughter is the reason why he will get in trouble. Solomon will be the one who will have to pay the price.

Eunice will regrets everything and the words she has been saying when sje gets a surprise visit from two former colleagues who tried to warm her about her life. It’s sad that she will be taken back to the same hospital where she left causing fusion. I hope this becomes a wake up call for Eunice but knowing her she’ll probably claim RAF then she becomes Ms executuveness.

According to the updates after she was fired from the hospital, Eunice will decided to switch her career to music. This come after she realizes that she has passion and interest In music. The music cannot go on without money. Her time has come to see her on “I Blew it”. Eunice will faint after seeing what’s in her bank balance. 


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